Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Early morning and monsoon rain

This morning I woke up around 4:30am unable to sleep and I lay in bed listening to the city as it began to wake up. Starting with the sound of an occasional truck dropping something off, then the clinking sounds of shopkeepers opening the gates to their stores while having quiet conversations. Around 6:30 a group of musicians paraded down the street playing drums and cymbals. (I’m really curious to know what that was all about. Were they trying to wake everyone up?) As it became light outside, the sounds of honking and motorcycle engines joined the streets, until suddenly the street was fully awake and active.

My day ended up being fairly busy because I went to view a flat in the Lalitpur/Patan area. Since I was already in the area, I decided to walk to Patan’s UNESCO world heritage site, Durbar Square. I took this photo while walking towards the square…but do you notice the ominous cloud lingering in the background?

Well the storm begain within a few minutes. It was pouring rain – my first experience of the monsoon! I quickly hopped in a cab.

The rain cleared up again by the time we had reached Thamel, the area where I am currently staying.

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